About the campaign: Stand up. Speak out. Come Home.

Our members work in the most dangerous industries in the country. Every six minutes a worker suffers a serious injury or dies on the job in the workplaces we cover.

But behind the statistics are heartbreaking stories:

  • Ann Everett whose son was crushed to death building the pier at Dalrymple Bay.
  • Ian Young who will never walk again after falling through a factory roof.
  • Kane Ammerlaan, who was a 16 year old apprentice when his employer forced him to carry overloaded buckets of concrete onto a roof without rail guards. He fell and lost sight in one of his eyes.

Construction labourers like Kane are four times more likely to die at work than workers doing other jobs. While injuries and deaths have reduced in recent years, every one of them is one too many.

When employers cut corners on health and safety, workers - especially apprentices, casuals and older people - often feel unable to speak up. That’s why the union’s role is vital. Our campaigning has built today’s workplace health and safety system. As the evidence shows our work saves lives.

“Stand up. Speak out. Come Home.” is a campaign showing exactly why workers must be supported to speak up about safety in their workplace. And it is trade unions that are best placed to do so.

Through this campaign, we will collect and share stories, just like Ann, Ian and Kane’s. And we will ask you to join us in taking action against employers who cut corners on safety, and governments that are seeking to muzzle us and weaken health and safety agencies.

The stakes have never been higher. Under the current climate our work on safety is under attack. For example, Lend Lease recently called one of our safety audits a “disgrace”, yet their own leaked report two weeks later showed they had 60 major health and safety violations in the past year alone.

Malcolm Turnbull wants to reintroduce the Australian Building and Construction Commission (ABCC). Last time around, the ABCC intimidated and coerced workers and this one will do the same. At the same time, it ignores the employers who set up sham contracting schemes, fold without paying their workers and don’t provide a safe workplace.

We will always take a stand so that workers can come home to what matters most.

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The CFMEU is Australia's main trade union in construction, forestry and furnishing products, mining and energy production.


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