Kane Ammerlaan

 “I was too afraid to say no. Now I’m blind in one eye.”

Kane was a 16 year old building apprentice when his boss asked him to do some cash work on a weekend. He was carrying overloaded buckets of concrete up to a roof with no safety harness and no railings. If he carried the buckets half full, his boss would throw concrete at him and send him back down to fill up the bucket.

One day he was overloaded with buckets and fell. Concrete went into his eyes. His boss laughed and told him to get back to work. When it was obvious he was hurt, his boss - who didn’t have work cover despite telling Kane that he did - phoned his girlfriend, rather than the ambulance to come and help.  She came too late. The concrete had already set in his eye and he lost 100% vision. From sport to work, Kane can’t do the things he loves doing any more.

The CFMEU is Australia's main trade union in construction, forestry and furnishing products, mining and energy production.


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