Steven Mandalias

I wish I’d spoken up before it got this bad.”

Steven has worked in the construction industry for over 10 years.  About 2 years ago he began experiencing pain in his hips and groin. It was diagnosed initially as muscular – from overuse of those muscles. But after a month off over Christmas, the pain got worse. He tried to work through it, but couldn’t even sit down without pain. The doctors then diagnosed arthritis as a result of repetition in the workplace.

His condition is so bad that he will have to have a bi-lateral hip replacement at the age of 41.  As a father of five young kids with a sixth on the way, he feels vulnerable and insecure about his future. He knows he can’t return to his old job and is training to do something less physical in the construction industry.

The CFMEU is Australia's main trade union in construction, forestry and furnishing products, mining and energy production.


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