FIFA is ‘timewasting’ on exploited workers in Qatar

FIFA is ‘timewasting’ on exploited workers in Qatar

The Building and Woodworkers’ International (BWI) is deeply disappointed by the outcome of the FIFA Executive Committee that just concluded on March 21st.

FIFA did not address the fundamental issues that are at the crux of the problems in Qatar and merely gave a series of excuses and justification on why FIFA is not responsible – while at the same time asked the “construction companies who are making money to have clear stance” on the workers’ situation.

Migrant building workers who make up nearly 100% of the work force that will be responsible for the building of stadiums, infrastructure, hotels, and other facilities related to the World Cup have once again been sidelined.

“When we met FIFA two days ago, we submitted concrete and doable 11-point agenda of reforms” stated Ambet Yuson, General Secretary of BWI.

“Unfortunately it appears that the FIFA Executive Committee has chosen to remain with its head in the sand rather than being bold and being on the side of human and trade union rights. The deaths of more than 500 workers and widespread exploitation is not an urgent matter for them.”

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