FWBC sues CFMEU over suicide prevention visits

Dave Kirner

The Fair Work Building and Construction agency’s Nigel Hadgkiss has taken legal action against CFMEU official David Kirner and the union for going onto an Adelaide site to assist in a suicide intervention involving one of its members.

On the eve of the Senate vote on the reintroduction of the discredited ABCC, the FWBC is trying to sue the union over a visit to the South Australian Medical Health and Research Institute site in November 2013.

"The FWBC is already operating as a rogue regulator. Bringing back the ABCC would be horrifying for workers’ safety," Mr Kirner said.

Union members involved in the issue have written letters to cross bench Senators imploring them to vote “no” to the reintroduction of the ABCC and stop a rampant FWBC Director Hadgkiss from suing union officials for going on site over OHS.

The case - SAD 219 is set for 5 days in the federal court in September 2015.

The ABCC bill goes before the Senate on Monday 11/5/2015.

Unions and union members are calling on Senators Xenephon, Lambie, Muir, Lazarus, and Madigan to vote down draconian laws that will make Australian construction sites unsafe.

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Kane Ammerlaan

 “I was too afraid to say no. Now I’m blind in one eye.”

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